Zebra Device Buy-Back and Recycling Service

Welcome to the Zebra Device Buy-Back Program & Recycling Service

Every year, companies retire millions of Zebra devices globally. Zebra’s Device Buy-Back Program and Zebra Recycle Services makes it easy to create an end-of-life plan for your used devices. Committed to the environment, Zebra may buy back or will recycle your eligible mobile computing devices, printers or electronic environmental sensors. See below for further details.

On this website you will be able to submit a request to Zebra for your retired devices.

Zebra Device Buy-Back Program

Request a quote for your eligible mobile computing devices from Zebra. Prices may vary based on quality, market demand, device configuration, and other factors.

How the Zebra Device Buy-Back Program works:

1. Submit a request form

2. Receive a quote

3. Ship your devices

4. Final disposition of devices

Choose Simplicity with Zebra Recycling

Let Zebra help you recycle your Zebra devices.

1. Submit a request form

2. Ship your eligible product to the recycler

3. Product is recycled

**Currently accepting only Zebra, Symbol, Motorola, Psion and Xplore devices for recycling.
***Certificate of Recycling is available upon request.